Dementia Awareness (VTQ) Articles

Thank you for your interest in Dementia Awareness (VTQ). We hope you enjoy these articles that discuss some important issues in our industry.

Herbert Protocol form to aid searching for a missing person you care for with special needs or Dementia

Herbert Protocol forms are available to aid searching for a missing person with special needs or Dementia. If you loose track of a loved one or someone you care for is very distressing. If they have special needs or Dementia, this is even more of a concern. At this time it is hard to relay vital information about them to the Police or other agencies as your mind is worrying about their wellbeing. In a care home setting this is just as bad as you may not be that familiar with the person and there may not be anyone else to help you.

Dementia Awareness Week to Increase Dementia Awareness in the UK

Dementia Awareness Week this week has many events to increase the understanding of Dementia and how you can help and get involved with Dementia care. Living with dementia isn't easy to imagine if you haven't been put in that situation. Reading stories from people who have might help your understanding. Click here to read about Enid and George's story.